Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekly Update #2

What a great week Owen has had! And I am not trying to be overly optimistic and unrealistic in any really was one of the best weeks he has had in a very long time! Gavin and I have seen some great things this week. Owen laughed probably four or five times, and smiled more times than we can even count. The greatest part about his great mood is that he is seemingly starting to understand and interact appropriately. A few examples: 1) his case manager, Cathy, was speaking in a funny voice about his dog Brutus; Owen turns his head, looks right at her, and starts smiling like she was soooo funny. 2) I was feeding Owen a couple of days ago, and he bit down on his spoon (which he never does). I joked with him, saying, "Don't you bite down on that spoon, you little turkey!" And he looks up at me and happily grins with the spoon still tightly in his mouth, obviously trying to tease me. And 3) I sat Owen up right next to his little brother, Dex. Owen turns to Dex and has the most endearing look on his face with a smile twenty miles long. He clearly loves his little brother and shows him often by holding his hand or smiling at him....and Dex returns the love by chewing on his shoes, pulling his hair, or pinching his face. This unique relationship these two boys have has undoubtedly been the best therapy for Owen...sometimes it's just too cute to handle. And before I forget (refer to the pictures in the middle of the collage)...I found Owen and Dex in this position a couple of days ago (Owen's legs pinning poor little Dex to the floor). If you look closely, Owen is happy and loving this pickle he's gotten his little brother in to. And if you look closely again, you'll notice Dex is crying for his mommy to come save him. Way to go Owen! Wrestling isn't out of the picture quite yet...

On a medical note, he has yet to start the first trial medication, which is called MCT oil. We have it in our possession, but I am still waiting on the dietitian to call me back. We're going on three days of waiting. Do I sound frustrated? Maybe because I am a little. However, since Owen has been acting so incredible this last week, I'm not feeling in such a hurry to get something new started as I was a couple of months ago. Things are good in the Klug household!

Sidenote: my collaging skills are still a work in progress...bear with me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Raffle Tickets

Hi All,
This post is coming from Rachel (Kiley's sister). I wanted to let everyone know that the raffle tickets are ready. If you are interested in buying tickets, please contact myself or Alisha. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5, 12 for $10, etc. We'll need a name, address, phone number, and email. Money will need to be delivered or mailed to one of us prior to the drawing on April 3. If you are writing a check, please make it payable to Owen Klug.
We've also had several people express an interest in selling tickets, which is totally awesome! If you would like to sell tickets, please send me an email at and I can send you the ticket template. Once you have it, you can make as many copies as is necessary. We'll need you to complete the info. portion of the ticket with the purchaser's info., detach the prize portion, and give them the copy of the raffle prizes. All money and ticket stubs also need to be turned in to Alisha or Rachel prior to the raffle on April 3. Remember, you do not need to be present at the time of the raffle to win.
A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed already, and to those who have offered to help! This has already been an amazing display of generosity and kindness. Gavin and Kiley are extremely grateful and feel so blessed.

Check out this amazing list of Raffle Prizes!

Remington 243 Camouflage Rifle w/scope - Papa & Nana
1/4 OF Beef - B&D Herefords
32" HDTV - Rick & Jane Schreiber & Family
XBox 360 w/Kinect system - Bob & Denise Schreiber
Companion Holland BBQ Grill - KanEquip
Bedspread - Millers of Claflin/Ashley Furniture
$250 Cash - Curtis & Kathy Hitschmann
Autographed KU Basketball - Eric & Kristi Beran
2 Tickets to Tim McGraw w/Band Perry - Lisa, Kacie, Jess, Nancy Liebl, Vicki Miller
Product Basket, Facial & Pedicure - Angie Hickel
Giftbasket - VanPelts & Crawfords
Garmin GPS - Abe & Nona Prosser
Toy Giftbasket - Helping Hands
$100 Cash - Mo's Place
$100 Cash - Essex Co-Workers
$100 Cash - D & J
$100 Cash - Nicholson & Ricke Funeral Home
$100 Cash - Mike, Kim & Jason Hekele
$100 Cash - Josh Gisick Construction
Wicker Cabinet - Millers of Claflin/Ashley Furniture
Mary Kay Giftbasket - Mike & Rosalie Kinzel & Family
Big Bag Bundle - Base & 2 Shells - Miche Bag of KS-Amanda Hamilton
Nambe Stainless Steel Vase - Kristal Metro
$75 Cash - Bob Debes
Candles - Jeff and Theresa Lewis
Floral Arrangement - Kathy Krier
Classic Bundle Base & 2 Shells - Miche Bag of KS-Amanda Hamilton
Medium Purse - Thirty One Gifts - Tara Ball
Scentsy Warmer w/accessories - Kari & Brett Carper
Retro Metro Bag - Thirty One Gifts - Tara Ball
$50 Cash - Bobcat Backhoe Service
$50 Cash - Beau Hekele
$50 Cash - Siemsen Well Service
Town & Country Gift Certificate - Town & Country Supermarket
20 Games Bowling - Cardinal Lanes
Game Giftbasket - Lamatsch's
Afghan - The Strait's
$50 Cash - Jim Debes
2 T-Shirts & 2 Appetizers - Tap Room
Baby Item Giftbasket - Melissa Fogelmann
Necklace & EarRing Set- Kristal Metro
Southwestern Giftbasket - Jane Hoff & Pam Atteberry
Hairbow Holder w/5 Bows - Angie Rolfs
Purse - The Bag Hags
Mary Kay Giftbasket - Sue Jacobs
Tutu & Hair Bow - SewBlessed by Erin Siemsen
Scentsy Warmer w/bar - Kari VanPelt
$30 in Gas - Kaiser Service
2 - $25 Gift Certificates - Bailey's Food Bin
Wallet - The Bag Hags
Bath Giftbasket - Janet Hipp
KU Pillowcase Set - Gracie Demel
KSU Pillowcase Set - Gracie Demel
Table Runner - Gracie Demel 
2 - Dairy Queen Gift Certificates - Leon Steiner

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Too Many Girlfriends, Too Little Time

Dex and I witnessed the CUTEST thing I've ever seen in my life today at Owen's preschool. First of all, this is Owen's class (I hope it's ok that I put this picture on the world wide web). Notice that it's pink day; and also notice that Owen is the ONLY boy wearing a pink shirt, sitting in the front row with all the ladies. (Big shout out to Ryann for letting Owen borrow the pink shirt!)

Every day before the students leave, they all get in a circle, hold hands, and sing a little goodbye tune. It seems that--at least every time I am there--the same two cute little blonde-headed girls are always the ones who want to hold Owen's hand. On this particular day, one little girl gets nose-to-nose with Owen and says in a squeaky cute little girl voice, "Owen, you silly little boy!" Then, the other little girl leans over, and gives him the cutest little kiss on his nose. Ugh...I could hardly contain myself.

Moral of the story...Owen's a ladies man.

Weekly Update #1

Since this blog is mostly to keep everyone informed on Owen's health status, I thought it would be appropriate to post weekly updates on how he's doing. We've had a little issue with communication with Owen's Children's Mercy neurological staff, but before I get into it, I think it's better. Ever since we've started seeing Owen's current epileptologist, he hasn't been the epitomy of an effective and timely communicator when it comes to transitioning to other medications or test results. I took a friend's advice (thanks Crystal!) and called the patient advocate line that Children's Mercy offers. They listened to my concerns, and I got--count 'em--FOUR phone calls on the SAME day from his dietitian, ketogenic diet coordinator, and....duh, duh-duh, duh....the man himself, Owen's doctor. That patient advocate line is the bomb!!! They don't mess around and the doctors obviously take them seriously. So what's my point? Owen still hasn't began trying a new medication recommended by the Baltimore doctor because we've had a little draggage of the feet at Children's Mercy. However, we have ordered the MCT oil and it's coming in the mail anyday now. Owen's doctor isn't optimistic this will do anything...but it's worth a try, and I'm not going to let him get us down. Let's hope for a decrease in seizures in the next couple weeks!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daddy the Tickle Monster

Every once in a long while--maybe every 2-3 months--Owen becomes this ticklish, giddy little boy. I can't ever make him laugh; only dad's tickles are funny for some reason. Yesterday he just EXPLODED in non-stop laughter for no reason at all...he must have been thinking of something hilarious, that's for sure. Gavin began tickling him to make the laughter continue, since this is a maybe four-times a year kind of thing, and it definitely continued for quite some time. One thing I do know is that he was feeling pretty darn good and he wasn't having any seizures at this moment, which is good news to us.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Box Blunder

Ms. Shelly, Owen's preschool teacher, sent home an empty milk jug to decorate for their upcoming Valentine's Day party. Since Owen couldn't tell me what he wanted to make out of it, I had to come up with an idea. I found some leftover fur in the basement from making Owen's sensory swing, so I thought Owen and I would make a "love monster." Well, this love monster turned out to be pretty hideous, and not in a good hideous-monster-looking way. Owen just kept staring at it while I was making it, almost saying, "Mom, that is NOT what I had in mind." The good news is, he LOVES the monster's hair....well, loves pulling it out so mom has to glue it back on. I don't think Owen will be winning any Valentine's Day box decorating contests in the near future...