Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Best Singer in the Whole Wide World

Our good friends Art and Kristen Baker just recently had their baby girl Camdyn. While visiting them in the hospital, Camdyn's big sister Calyn (who is a few months younger than Owen and crazy about the Klug boys) wanted to sing her Halloween songs she learned in school. She serenaded Owen for what seemed like an was the greatest eternity of my life. I have NEVER seen the focus, appropriate interaction, and just pure happiness on Owen's face for this long! I could watch this every day for the rest of my life and die a happy mommy. :)

Update on Owen: Owen is doing great right now. We have seen a couple zero seizure days in the last week or so (or at least we didn't notice any that is), which is nothing short of miraculous. He has had 3 (what we believe to be) zero seizure days since the seizures began at the age of 2, so needless to say, these kinds of days are few and far between. Keep in mind, Owen is probably still having silent staring seizures, but we are going off of what we see. I am in the process of trying to get his meds altered just a little bit, hoping to get his seizures down to less than one a day. Though he's had a couple of great days lately, he's still having on average probably 3-6 spells in a day. So to sum it up, I am ecstatic that the seizures are so low at this point, but I'm still not satisfied; I feel like we can do better.
Socially and physically, Owen has continued to improve slowly but surely. One of Owen's PTs, Karla, gave me a great report at school on Wednesday. He stayed awake--which has been a struggle lately--and he took several steps in the gate trainer for her. At home, about a week ago, he held his cup completely independently for about 6 seconds (Sidenote: Owen could drink an entire sippy cup full of juice all by himself at the age of 1.  This skill was completely lost and is beginning to return. Yay for that!) Emotionally, Owen never cries. We can just tell he is feeling better and is more in tune with what is going on around him. He is a happy kid again. He no longer has the severe constipation issues he once had, which attributed to most of his crying. Once a kid who needed an adult dose of Miralax twice a day, he is--I'm happy to say--only taking Miralax maybe once a week!
Obvious to those of you who have seen Owen in the last year or so, his wrist is very turned in and is extremely stiff. We were told that this would continue to get worse and he would eventually lose all function in his arm and hand. Well, I am happy to report that since the seizure decrease, his wrist function has drastically improved! It is much more flexible; he has even regained the skill of clapping and actually making NOISE! We are ecstatic about this improvement, as well as all the others mentioned.
We will continue to work Owen hard and I know he will continue to improve and gain more and more independence! I haven't said this for awhile, but Gavin and I continue to feel the love and support that you all give to our little boy. This overwhelming feeling has not faded, and we are thankful for all of you unconditionally caring for Owen. He is one lucky kid.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

AAArrrrgh....Happy Halloween

Halloween was a success. Costumes fit, I sent in for reinforcements (my cousin Kellie and her friend Darion came over from the college to help me with the boys), and the boys pretty much behaved themselves. The only problem? We had to start at dawn in order to get them home by 6:45 when they fall asleep. Sidenote: I smell a Chiefs comeback!

Carving a Jack-O-Lantern with dad the night before Halloween

Dexter the of the few only moderately blurry pictures I could snap of him before he ran away

Ready to Trick-or-Treat

Captain Owen with his talking parrot in tow...Gavin came home from work with this parrot one day. It sings, dances, talks, and even farts...the inspiration for Owen's costume

Owen and Dex at Nana and Papa's with their cousins Alyx, Paige, and Carly

Owen and Dex (obviously not cooperating at this point) with their cousins Ryann, Alden, and Kyla
Go KSU!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!