Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kindergarten Stud

Owen has finished a solid week and a half of big boy, all day kindergarten. It has gone pretty well, I think. Although he has been extremely tired some days, we have gotten mostly positive notes home. Here's our almost-6-year-old on his first day:

Waiting for the bus, ready to go!

Gavin went on the first day to check out Owen's new school
and helped him get settled in; I had a house full of Klug and Metro kids so I could't go.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blake's Baptism

Blake was baptized this morning. How'd he do? Well, not very well. But he did give us some insight into the little #*$% he's going to be in the near future. He whimpered and fussed throughout the entire baptism....until literally the second Father Debes stopped talking and was finished. Dex Jr.? I think so. God help us.

As good as a family picture will get with this crew

In the words of the photographer (Rachel), "Check out that action shot."


Blake's godparents Amy and Austin

Grandma and Grandpa


Papa and Nana

Left to right: Owen, Ryann, Alden, Max, Kyla, Kael, Kendall, Blake, and Dex
Metro cousins

Thanks to everyone who came and shared in Blake's special day!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Owens New Wheels

We recently purchased a new chair for Owen. After my awesome run-in with Bambi's mommy this last fall and having to drive Owen around in the Camry for a month, we realized that Owen needed a secondary, lightweight, more portable chair for situations like this. (I lost count of the parts we broke off of Owen's green chair because it is so heavy, big, and awkwardly-shaped...getting that sucker into the trunk was nearly impossible for this weakling.) I am so far pretty pleased with the chair, with the exception of it not reclining and the harness being too big for his tiny little frame. We are waiting for a smaller harness that fits him tighter and will keep him snugly in place. On a positive note, this chair has foot straps to keep his hyper little feet still (this feature was a necessity for church; I am through holding his loud feet down to keep him from disturbing others!) Without further ado, here's Owen's new ride (with a peeper in the background)!