Sunday, July 13, 2014

Blake is One!

Hidden amongst all of the crap that Blake has had to endure in this last month was a reason to celebrate....our little stinker turned the numero uno. This kid is awesome (I know I should say this because I'm his mom, but he really is). He seems to bring joy to everyone around him, (most of the time) has a smile on his face, and just has the sweetest, funniest demeanor. Since I am neither tech saavy nor do I have the time or motivation to figure out how to make a nice, neat pic collage, here are more than a few pictures of my big boy and his big day.


Nose picking time out

Owen is getting so big! Standing with his braces on
with his cousins Max (8) and Kendall (5)


Peppa Pig birthday cake....Blake is obsessed with this show

Post-silly-string-war picture

Looking better in Uncle Phil's shades than Uncle Phil does

Peppa Max

Big boy, big cake

Screw you diabetes!

Random head lock from Dex



Thank you to Janet Gray for the AWESOME birthday cake, and
Aunt Rachel for the AWESOME pictures of Blake's big day!!!!