Monday, June 2, 2014

Royals Game

After a wait of about 6--maybe more, I don't exactly remember--years, we FINALLY got to go to a Royals game.  Gavin and I are huge fans. We watch pretty much every game, sometimes 6 nights a week, so this was a pretty big deal. These players are like (ironically) royalty to us. The weather was beautiful, we spent the day with family from both sides, and we had the time of our life! Now if we could just go back....

Owen did great at the game!

Silly kids

Gavin's sister Brooke and her husband Brian came with us!

We went on a Sunday Funday so the kids could run around the bases after the game.
Gavin ran Owen around, and they had a blast! The staff was so accommodating and nice.
Gavin and Owen used a special elevator that took them right past Ned Yost, Alcides
Escobar, and Mike Moustakas. I was so jealous!

The Little K....Dex whiffed and had NO idea how to run
around the bases. Needless to say we've been practicing ever

Good eye contact....there's hope.

Running around the bases...the Royals staff takes pictures by third base
that you are allowed to purchase and view online....we looked at them online...
yeah, I don't think I want to purchase a picture of Dex's arm. He TOTALLY
missed third base.