Friday, February 17, 2012

No Mom of the Year Award for this Mom

What an awful, awful day. I decided to blog about it and get it over with while I'm still emotionally spent. Today I had a house full of kiddos. And at this particular moment in time, I had a hungry house full of kiddos, ready for their morning snack. I sat Owen on the couch to tend to the empty napkins and goldfish crackers. I look up, only to find the back of Owen's head peering at me from over the couch in an entirely different place than where I left it. Freaking out, I sprinted over to the front of the couch....but not fast enough. Owen fell off the couch, head first, onto the carpet. I don't remember much of the fall, only that he hit the back of his head. It all just happened so fast. I held him, trying to calm him down. One thing you need to know about Owen....he doesn't cry. He just doesn't. I don't know why, but he hasn't really cried in, well, months maybe years I would have to say. He cried, whimpered, sobbed, name it, he did it. He wouldn't stop either. To top it all off, this happened MOMENTS before Owen's brand spankin' new case manager showed up to meet us. That poor woman probably thinks I'm not only another unfit mother but a crazy one at that. The 15 minutes she was at our house was spent contemplating taking Owen to the hospital, and pretty much just freaking out. I guess we'll have to reschedule that meeting.
I took Owen  to Clara Barton in Hoisington. They took some xrays of his wrists and elbows. Nothing. They thought it was something called....nursemaid elbow maybe? They sent us to Great Bend Regional to the ER to see a bone doctor. After ordering more xrays, he promptly returned to tell us that Owen fractured his humerus (right under his shoulder). He doesn't need surgery,...only a sling, pain meds, and more xrays later to make sure it's healing. After a quick trip to the pharmacy for some codine, Owen was back at home resting.
I don't know about any of you, but that kid is sure an inspiration to me. I see how tough, and yet angelic, he is...all at the same time. He makes me want to be a better person...and he can't even talk yet. So I'm going to wrap up this blog post, go downstairs, and cuddle with my sleeping little boy....and let him know how crappy I feel for letting him break his arm. I will leave you with a visual: