Monday, July 29, 2013

Blake Steven Klug

After years of nagging my mom about never having any pictures around of her last-born child (that'd be me), I am FINALLY getting around to posting pictures of MY last-born child almost 3 weeks later (hey, at least I have taken pictures!). Blake is a great baby, and he is showing promising signs of developing normally. I hate that Gavin and I have been constantly looking for developmental positives--oh,--since the second he came out, but that just comes with the territory I guess. Blake is bearing weight on his legs, beginning to track sounds and objects with his eyes, nurses like a champ, holds his head up very well, communicates through crying...all signs that for now we can breathe easy (like parents EVER breathe easy?!) We are incredibly happy right now, and yes, our family feels and IS complete.:)

Blake's stats at birth:
Weight: 7 lbs. 15 oz.
Time: 9:24 pm
Height: 20 in.
Date: Tues., July 9th, 2013

Blake right after birth

Family picture in the hospital; yikes

Grandma and Grandpa

Kendall, Rachel and Max



daycare buddy Alden

cousin Kaelynn

Nana and Papa

We're home!

proud brother:)

grandma Annie and great aunt Jayne

Alyx, Paige, aunt Alisha, and Carly

aunt Tay-Tay and soon-to-be Uncle Cassidy

I can't lie and say this was his first bath at home;
he screamed bloody murder throughout his first bath.
This was a much calmer second bath a few days later.:)

Mason and Leyton; these two cracked me up, they were so excited
to meet Blake!

Skip ahead a couple of weeks, and this is a current picture
of our little man decked out in his Sunday best. Almost 3 weeks old!