Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We took Owen and Dex to their very first pumpkin patch last weekend. We figured this was a must-see considering Dex is CCCRRRRAAAZZZZYYYY, I mean OBSESSED, with pumpkins. I bet that kid ran over a mile, screaming "KUNKKIN!!!" racing from one pumpkin to the next. Owen had a lethargic day at the pumpkin patch, as you can see in the pictures, but don't you worry...he took a big old poop when he got home and was good as new. TMI maybe?
Beaming from pure pumpkin happiness

Trying out the tractor...another obsession

Work it girl

One of the highlights of Grannie Mae's...a train ride around the grounds

This is probably the funniest picture of the bunch,
and as good as it gets when taking one of just the two of them

Owen finally wants to cooperate, but Dex is DDDDone
(those of you who have heard Dex spell his name will get that joke)

Givin the scarecrow some love
Just a quick update on Owen while I'm at it (judging by the date of my last post, I'm obviously getting lazy with this whole blogging thing). His seizures have overall decreased. It seems as if every post-chip-adjustment period is rough on him; he will have 4-8 seizures for about a week afterward. However, he is now having 1-2 a day, and a few times Gavin and I have not recalled seeing any. The suggestion we received at the conference seems to be working better for him, which alone made that trip completely worthwhile!

Owen has started doing "push-ups" with his arms on his belly, which is AMAZING news to Gavin and me. I don't ever remember him doing this in his entire lifetime. He will bear weight on his arms so that his left arm is completely straight and his right arm is at least doing a little of the work and bent a little. He is rolling around like a little fish out of water, which he hasn't done consistently every day since he was a baby. And even though we haven't seen the greatest results in walking and sitting up lately, the previous progressions make me super happy and proud of him.