Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow Days

After being stuck inside for three days straight, the boys and I (Gavin included) were wired and ready to hit the Kansas slopes (or lack thereof). This was Dex's first experience in the snow. To sum it up, he likes getting all of the snow gear on but refuses to touch actual snow. Both of them loved to sled. Gavin's mom bought the boys sleds last year, one sitting up sled for Dex and a toboggan sled for Owen to lie down in. I hope they make those tobaggan sleds in adult sizes because this could be something Owen could do for a very long time!

Our cigar-smoking snowman...such proud faces

Sledding in the front yard

Sledding around town

Cruisin' for chicks in our killer snowsuit and matching smile

O-man trying to tell us that he needs smaller gloves

Update on Owen:
Gavin and I [think] we have discovered a slight breakthrough with Owen. We have been giving Owen Miralax for his chronic digestive and constipation issues for years. Upon discovering that it is being investigated for possibly causing and/or contributing to autism, neuro, kidney, and heart issues in children, I immediately took him off of it and started looking for alternative ways of "making him go." Since pretty much day one, we have suspected that constipation has caused Owen's seizures to increase in frequency....when he's gotta go, he has more seizures. After weeks of testing this theory out, we firmly believe that it's the Miralax that's causing the increase in seizures. Since taking him off the Miralax, we haven't seen a single severe seizure, he's been going on his own pretty regularly, and his independent sitting has drastically improved. Other improvements include an increase in TALKING...holy cow, this kid won't shut up now, it's awesome!....and just an overall improved mood. This is a small battle won!