Thursday, October 2, 2014

Medical Cannabis for Owen 101

It's time to get educated Warriors! What do you say when someone asks you about medical marijuana, Owen, or our cause in general?

Medical Cannabis for Owen 101:

1. This is Owen's best and last hope at a healthy life. Dravet Syndrome is a developmental roller coaster of losing and gaining skills; if seizures are controlled, children oftentimes progress and thrive. OWEN DESERVES A CHANCE TO THRIVE!!
2. Medical cannabis is NOT recreational marijuana. Those who use marijuana will use it whether it's legal or not; don't let those who abuse it ruin the chances of someone who could medically benefit.
3. Legalize and tax medical marijuana so our economy can benefit...(again...those who use will use whether it's legal or not.) Law enforcement could also benefit by focusing their time, money, jail space, and energy on more serious crimes.
4. Children like Owen will not be experiencing a "high" and will not smoke the cannabis; he will take an oil-based form of the medication with food. Owen will be on a high CBD/low THC strain. In other words, it is JUST MEDICINE....without the risky side effects like that of pharmaceuticals.
5. Many others--not just children with epilepsy--can benefit from medical cannabis, namely those suffering from cancer, chronic pain, Alzheimer's, PTSD, and many more serious you realize how many Kansans abuse, become addicted to, or drive under the influence of prescription medications that are totally "legal"?
6. One doesn't have to be a "pothead" to benefit from medical marijuana; we are a moral, educated, conservative family who has done the research. Medical cannabis could quite possibly change Owen's life.


  1. I support you 100%. He deserves the best chance at the best life possible and you are a good mama for pursuing that for him. You need to move to Colorado. We'll throw you a party for introducing this into his life. :)

    1. Thanks Kaci! We have looked into moving, but with Blake's issues, finances, and the lengthy timetable it would take to get the medicine he would's just not possible rt now. You will be one of the first to know if we change our minds.:)